What's Growin'


We grow what we eat

Long Entry Farm is continuously striving to grow – both literately and figuratively. We grow over 50 varieties of tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, squash, cucumbers, herbs, and anything else we think will  grow well in our soil and (MOST IMPORTANTLY) taste yummy on our dinner table, and yours. 

Yes, that's my dining room!

Winter Hibernation

January/February: Oh... what to plant! Day dreaming and seed ordering and website updating...   

March/April: Starting all those plants... transplanting all those plants... starting more plants... transplanting... starting... oh, my... we go through a LOT of soil mix...“What do you mean we're out of room?!"...  Build another chamber...


When Spring finally springs

Early May: Prep the fields & and the beds

Late May: For our FIRST planting, we plant over 800 plants, and another 1,000 + seeds... yes... really... and we’re a SMALL farm!

June:  Water, weed & wait (impatiently!!!!)

Plant another 200 plants... and another 500 seeds... 


Summer Harvest!

July:  HARVEST!  HEAVY baskets and 

overflowing kitchen counter!

August: Harvest. Weed. Plant ANOTHER 100 seeds. Harvest. Beach. Farmer’s Market. Harvest. Weed...Beach.Beach.Beach.

September: Are we done yet?? Harvest. Weed. Harvest.Beach.


Fall wind down

October: Seriously... where’s the frost! Harvest. 


November: Clean up... with cold hands & cold feet... start that firewood!

December: Christmas explosion :))