Perpetual Conservation

Long Entry Farm is truly a mom-n-pop farm (or, according to Michael – a mamapapa farm (awww, isn’t that sweet!)). We are a small farm dedicated to providing the freshest, local-est, and honest produce to our patrons and our supporters (and our mooching family members!). Both Mike and Allison have full-time professional jobs – but our hearts are in the soil, and we're dedicated to teaching our children to respect the land that feeds us.

Long Entry Farm is under a perpetual conservation easement with the Glocester Land Trust and the USDA NRCS. A conservation easement is an agreement that permanently limits the type and amount of development on the property, while retaining private ownership. The conservation easement was finalized in 2010 and preserves the 22-acres of Long Entry Farm in perpetuity as farmland, preserving its rural and agricultural character.